Our Newest
INDIVIDUAL CHILD SESSION • 30-45 min. session
• 3-10 proofs specially selected by LuAnn
• (1) 12x24 Canvas or Metal Wall Art
• (2) fully edited digitals with permission to use
*additional child(ren) inquire for add-on pricing
Priced as an all-inclusive
Collection at $599
"Finding the Light" "Dramatic Studio" Single Child Unique Sessions

We often have images of our children in their very youngest years, as well as important milestones, especially in High School. However, we often are missing images that capture the years full of wonder and investigation, as each child starts to find their voice, try out their talents, etc. Parents do often take photos of candid times with the child smiling. That knowledge has led our studio to look for ways to capture that pensive mood in each pre-teen and young child. Hence, we are offering two (2) new INDIVIDUAL CHILD sessions: (A) This session we call Dramatic Studio—a child is dressed in either a “princess” dress or suit; a “rock star” look; a textured look, like a a nubby sweater pulled in; or even in something worn by a parent (mom’s scarf wrapped around child’s head; dad’s leather jacket, etc.). (B) The second session is called Finding the Light—we look for a tree-covered area with a spot of light shining through to highlight a child. The special photography we do has the child popping out of the scene. Picture a little girl staring off into the tree-covered area, with leaves falling around her, while she dangles a stuffed rabbit by the ear — so precious!

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